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East Coast Granite Will Remain Open to Serve Our Customers Needs

We realize that your kitchen and bath is a critical part of your daily life. East Coast Granite is dedicated to providing the best quality countertops to your family. We are committed to maintaining our essential services to our customers. Rest assured that we will take every precaution to make sure that our customers and employees remain safe and can still complete your remodel so that you can continue your daily activities with the least amount of interruption possible.

Stone Of The Month - November 2017

November's Stone Of The Month

Titanium Granite

Titanium Granite, due to its hardness, it is well suited for kitchen countertop use. The diagonal movement in this granite, the quartz veining, plus the off-setting gold and brown tones give this material a dramatic look. Due to the qualities of the stone, the slabs are book-matched, meaning slab one and slab two will be cut and brushed to create a mirror image of each other. These are then kept in sequence, which allows for a consistent flow in pattern. A mesh backing is adhered to the back of the stone to ensure safety while handling and fabricating the slab. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this be sealed to extend its longevity.

Titanium - Granite Benefits

    Durable With Minimum Maintenance

    Improve Your Kitchen's Appearance

    Stain, Heat & Moisture Resistant

    Great Long Term Investment

    Have A Custom Countertop Layout & Installation

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