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January 2018 - Stone Of The Month

January's Stone Of The Month

Viscon White Granite

Viscon White Granite Kitchen Countertops

If you want the look of Marble countertops and the durability that Granite countertops offer, then Viscon White Granite is your stone. With a perfect mix of black, gray and white tones and granulated visual texture this granite offers a very similar visual as marble products. This granite is the perfect fit for kitchen countertops due to its natural ability to withstand scratches, high temperatures and staining.

Viscon White Granite is great for many uses like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, floors, accent walls and even kitchen backsplashes.

When any customer of ours purchases a natural stone for their countertops we reccomend for added protection against staining this 25 Year Sealer. The sealer we offer is warrantied for 25 years and seeps into the stone to add an extra layer of protection from daily use. The value of this product out weighs the small cost heavily. If you would like more information on this sealing product Click Here.

Viscon White Granite - Benefits

    Stain, Heat & Moisture Resistant

    Durable - Only Requiring Minimum Maintenance

    Improve The Apperance of Your Kitchen With The Smooth Grains And Neutral Colors

    A Great Investment For The Long Term Vision Of Your Home

    Have A Custom Granite Countertop Layout & Installation

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