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A Modern Kitchen With Timeless Elegant Charm

In this article we want to detail how we help create a customer's dream kitchen while meeting her design criteria which mixes modern kitchen design with splashes of timeless kitchen accents.

Timeless Countertops & Backsplashes

Kitchen utilizing Sponda Quartz countertops and backsplash.

A beautiful quartz was selected, Sponda quartz countertops are a very modern material with great durability but reflects the beautiful veining of classic marble. Using this material on the border counters allowed us the ability to continue the material up the wall as a full backsplash.

This style of backsplash is found in many luxurious spaces and offers your space the perception of being much larger than it is. We love how this Sponda Quartz has marbling veins that flow between the counter surfaces to the backsplashes on the wall. A perfect material for this application, the bright white background does give the appearance of a large space.

The client's island is topped with a beautiful granite, Juperana Dream, with waterfall edges. Waterfall edging is a very difficult edge to perfect, however our skilled fabricators have no issues accomplishing these daunting tasks. This style of edging gives any space a sophisticated and polished look. The addition of the completed and well placed details are what takes any space to the next level.

Contrasting Colors

Sponda quartz kitchen countertops with Sponda quartz backsplash

This design drew a lot of contrast through the contrasting cabinet colors with which we coordinated the countertop material color. This method adds separation in the space while keeping the homogenous tones together. We accomplished multiple points of visual appeal by doing this. The bright colors on the perimeter of the space gives the illusion of a much larger space. We place the darker colors in the center of the space as the dominant anchor to bring your eye back to the focal point of the room.

Custom Cabinetry

Juperana Dream granite island top with waterfall edges

One of many foundations to the modern kitchen is concealed functionality. Utilizing cabinet space more efficiently is a trend that has gained a lot of momentum. Homeowners no longer want to deal with the "junk" drawer, they are wanting to plan these storage spaces out so that every item has a home and creates a nice working flow in the kitchen.

Juperana Dream granite island top with waterfall edges

If you are ready to start your kitchen remodel or are planning on new construction and want your space perfectly tailored to your needs, our design specialists are here to help your along the path of many options and decisions so that you achieve your dream kitchen.

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