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DIY Granite Countertops VS. Granite Countertops?

You are now in the market for a kitchen remodel or bathroom update. So where do you begin? There are many things running through your head from wall colors, faucet types, light fixtures, flooring and the list continues. As your mind is racing across all of these different pieces of the renovation your eyes suddenly stop on the countertops. Now dollar signs are beginning to blur your vision. There is the thought of high costs for real Granite countertops, then, an idea pops in your head, "What about Faux Granite countertops?". We are here to help. Below, we will list out why there is truly no substitute for natural Granite.

Faux Granite Countertops

Faux DIY Granite Countertops

What you need to know...

  • With the different kits and vinyls on the market, Faux Granite is inexpensive compared to the natural stone
  • Relatively quick install that you can do yourself
  • With care, should look better than your old countertops
  • They are inexpensive, so be prepared to get what you pay for
  • Does not have the lifespan of natural Granite countertops
  • The look of Granite and actual Granite are two different things
  • The durability does not compare to actual natural Granite
  • (Last but not least...)

  • There is no return on your investment, compared to investing in natural Granite Countertops

While there are several installation options for faux Granite ranging from vinyl sheets to painting options, none have the longevity of natural Granite. If you going to invest valuable funds and time into a kitchen or bathroom remodel why not use materials that will bring a good return on your investment?

Granite Countertops

St. Cecelia Granite Kitchen Countertops

The factors to consider...

  • Granite will withstand most anything
  • It is an all natural stone
  • Granite's unique looks and patterns produce timeless styling that are as individual as you are
  • Naturally it is a very clean stone making it safe to use in the home
  • Can be sealed to amplify the natural ability of not harboring bacteria [See Below About Our Sealer]
  • Granite has a higher cost, SO be prepared to get what you pay for!
  • *Ok, ok, we realize that is not necessarily a "con", however it is the worst thing we could think of.*

While we are here, when natural Granite countertops are added, yes, you receive a return on your investment through your home value, if you are looking to sell your home, high-end finishes are desirable. Or if the addition of Granite countertops was only to freshen up your forever home, you have invested in your peace of mind, knowing that your counter surfaces are durable, easy to clean and resist, not trap, bacteria.

Seal Treatment

As mentioned above, our granite seal treament adds extra valuable protection on your investment. (Learn More)
It also comes with a 25 year Warranty!

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