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Why You Should Consider White Granite Countertops

Perhaps you are mulling over updating your kitchen countertops as a part of a home remodel project. You come across this beautiful White Carrera Marble surface and your heart has settled on that will be your new kitchen surfaces. Then you find out the effort that has to go into protecting and cleaning marble and decide you want something a little less high maintenance. There are several beautiful White granite materials that are more durable, less maintenance, and just as beautiful as marble.

Granite has always been a popular choice for many surfaces in homes. While Mother Nature produces a wide variety of granite colors, white is one of the less common. We do not want to mislead you in that there is a “pure” white granite material as one does not exist. We are referring to the overall “background” as White. You will see below are images of White granite. Let’s discuss the beauty and characteristics of the most popular white granites on the market.

River White Granite Countertops

River White granite is a staple in the countertop industry. Gray and White veins plus its iconic Burgandy specks.

River White granite countertops have been a popular material choice for kitchen countertops for quite some time now. The beautiful neutral color palette with deep red speckles runs throughout the material. The veins are normally quite small giving a soft and overall consistent look to River White granite.

Kashmir White Granite Countertops

Kashmir White granite features white and gray swirls resembling sand drifts

Kashmir White granite countertops are one the most popular white granites on the market. This material has a very consistent pattern consisting of brilliant white and flecks of red. Since Kashmir White granite is a low-variation material there are not significant veins or large mineral deposits making for a steady grain.

White Galaxy Granite Countertops

White Galaxy has beautiful white and cream veins that intertwine

White Galaxy granite countertops display a wide range of beautiful hues and patterns. The brown veins and black flecks mesh perfectly over a brilliant white background. White Galaxy granite goes well with many kitchen themes and decors in modern kitchen design.

White Ice Granite Countertops

White Ice granite is a very cool, crisp, and bright white surface perfect for the modern kitchen

White Ice granite is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, and outdoor kitchen countertops. Its cool-toned color palette makes for the partner with any kitchen motif.

Copenhagen Granite Countertops

Copenhagen granite is a classic material choice with the large swaths of earth-tones over a white background

Copenhagen granite countertops have a beautiful soft white background with dramatic gray, brown, onyx, and gold veins. This material is a perfect material choice for many spaces in your project. Copenhagen offers a bold centerpiece look for your kitchen countertops.

White Springs Granite Countertops

White Springs granite countertops feature a bright white background with multiple shades of gray in its veins

White Springs granite countertops are a beautiful gray with cream and rust-brown veins. This material is a great selection for kitchens and bathrooms alike. White Springs granite should make your countertop list during your kitchen remodel.

White Soul Granite Countertops

White Soul granite is a bright and airy choice for kitchen countertops

White Soul granite countertops are a creamy white stone that features green crystal splotches. These beautiful green crystals are called Tourmaline. White Soul granite countertops are great for many types of kitchen designs. You can use White Soul granite in traditional and modern styled spaces.

Delicatus White Granite Countertops

Delicatus White granite countertops feature large spots of white and earthy-tones

Delicatus White granite is a durable, easy to clean, low-maintenance, granite countertop material. The beautiful veins of white, brown, gold and black make for a unique visual in any room

Alaska White Granite Countertops

Alaska White granite countertops feature large spots of white and earthy-tones

Alaska White granite countertops are perfect for a kitchen remodel. The material's durability is second to none, while the cool tones of silver and white that mix with warm neutral and black tones give any space clean look.

Viscon White Granite Countertops

Viscon White granite is a beautiful choice because of its gray and white swirling veins

Viscon White granite countertops offer a beautiful neutral palette full of swirling white, black and gray veins. This material is the perfect contrast for any space. Viscon White granite goes well with many kitchen decors and themes.

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