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Can Heat Damage Granite Countertops?

This is a very common question with clients looking into natural stone countertops for the first time.

Granite, naturally, is a strong cut, scratch, and heat resistant material. However, granite can be compromised by heat when consistently exposed to high temperatures especially from pots and pans. With modern pots and some modern pans being made out of high-grade steel, which is a great heat conductor, always be aware of the potential damage that can be caused by repeatedly sitting hot items on your granite countertops. No one wants scorched or scratched granite! Although this is only in extreme conditions, we want those who are interested in granite countertops to know that this is a possibility if abused. A burn mark from a hot pot or pan are normally on the surface, so they usually can be rubbed away using special cleaning creams and solutions. For deeper marks that will not rub off, you can consult with us for info and about our repair services. This is why we strongly recommend our Premium Granite Sealer that is warrantied for 25 years. This stronger sealer not only is guaranteed to protect your countertops from ALL spills but adds extra protection from daily use on your surfaces. Click Here to learn more about our Premium Sealer.

Another reason to look to avoid sitting pots and pans on your granite surface, if there should be any micro-debris on the surface and this becomes trapped between the pot/pan and the granite surface

[Here are a few tips for avoiding damage to your Granite Countertops:]

Pot Holder, Hot Pot Stand, Cutting Boards will help keep the heat from your granite
  • Allow any pot/pan to cool before placing on your countertops
  • Use a hot pot stand
  • Everyday kitchen items such as an extra pan, cutting board or pot holder
  • Remove any hot item from the surface as quickly as possible
  • Clean any spills as soon as possible to avoid staining

Granite countertops are beautiful, hypoallergenic and timeless. Providing them the proper care they can last generations while always giving your kitchen that eye-catching wow factor.

Are you ready to remodel your outdated kitchen? We have a large selection of Granite slabs for you to view. With the large inventory we carry (100's of slabs) we have the perfect match for you taste and style. If you have have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us or stop by and speak to one of highly experienced professional staff.

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